Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New in at Topshop

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So this is kind of a round up of what's new at Topshop atm. I picked out a few of my favourite pieces, which I think will be great for the end of summer. Does anyone else get impatient waiting for autumn to come around? I think autumn is the best season for fashion. I love colours like burgundy, grey and navy - they look nice on anyone in my opinion.  

1)  The classic slubby tee is an essential in anyone's wardrobe. I particularly like the speckled effect of this one, makes it look like an old favourite that's been washed too many times haha. It will literally go with almost anything, or you can just throw it on with a pair of skinny jeans if you're feeling lazy.  

2)  This is florals and stripes combined in one garment. The vertical stripes are a bit of a twist on your average floral dress. It actually reminds me of my grandma's old curtains, but I kind of like that! Just slip this on with some sandals or ankle boots and you're pretty much good to go, just add a slouchy cardigan if it gets chilly.

3)  These tan ankles boots are so versatile, you could actually wear them all year round, but I think they are especially good for late summer/early autumn. The buckle and the slighly worn effect add just the right amount of detail for me. Wear them with tights, leggings, jeans, shorts, skirts.. you name it!

4) This burgundy satchel bag speaks for itself really. The mixture of shiny leather, soft suede and beguiling flashes of gold make for some seriously tempting arm-candy. At £85, the price is less tempting, but it's still a great piece for autumn. Pair it with a white shirt and a boyfriend blazer for a polished androgynous look.

5)  White and crochet are a match made in heaven, and this top has them both. It's cute and girly, but simple enough to avoid things getting too fussy. It's often the simplest outfits that have the most impact. You could wear it with high-waisted denim for a girl-next-door look, or pair it with some taylored trousers for something more sophisticated.

6) Last but not least, the black maxi skirt. Although black and summer don't usually go together (and your mum would probably hate it), I find there's something pleasing about going against the 'rules'. The lightness of the fabric makes up for the dark colour anyway. It'll look great with a skinny belt and plain vest tucked in or layer a chunky jumper over it when the weather gets a bit cooler.        

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  1. love these, topshop has some amazing stuff in atm! x