Thursday, 11 August 2011

Knee-Highs and Navy Blue

Navy blue dress (with DIY lace collar): New Look
knee-high socks: Tesco clothing (I think..)
black heels: Dorothy Perkins
cameo necklace: Dorothy Perkins

So just another outfit for you today. There's not much to say about this really, it's pretty simple. I added a bit of white lace that I cut off a vest onto the collar of the dress - I just pinned it and sewed it, really easy. I was quite pleased with the result, I think it gives it a nautical sort of look, but not in an obvious way. I hate it when people do the nautical thing, but not with just one item - literally every item they wear is red white or blue, complete with a sailors hat and anchor earrings haha. I like the cameo necklace with this, I think it compliments the peter pan collar nicely, with it's little scalloped edges. It was only £2 in the sale, but it had another chain part attached to it, so I snapped it off with pliers haha.

P.s. sorry about my perpetually pissed-off expression, it's just the way my face looks most of the time! Here I'll insert something amusing but relevant I found floating around on the interwebz. Enjoy...

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the above image. Please contact me if you would like me to remove it from my blog.


  1. I have a moody face sometimes but I never mean to haha! It's just the normal expression :P

    You look wonderful and such a great diy, makes it your own.

  2. Hahaa, funny illustration!
    And I really love your little personalized dress (:

  3. I love the dress! I love this style, you look awesome! x

  4. I loove the dress, it fits you perfectly :)

  5. Hey thanks for checking out my blog! I love your style! So cute! I'm going to find you on lookbook :D



  6. That dress!! I want it!!!
    (I also suffer from chronic "bitchface"...haha, i thought it was only me!)