Saturday, 6 August 2011

70's denim

 Button-down shirt: Topshop
70's style denim skirt: Topshop
plait belt: Primark
nude court shoes: Tesco clothing
Navy bag: Charity shop
key necklace: ebay

So here's my second outfit post on the blog.  It was a bit hurriedly thrown together tbh, because I knew I had to do an outfit post soon, so I just sort of did it without thinking it through haha. I do have a tendency to over-think things sometimes (all the time), so perhaps it turned out better this way. This is actually a good representation of my style - high-waisted, delicate jewellery, vintage-looking. It's kind if my go-to look. Do you have a particular style that you find you always go back to? Tell me in the comments, I'd like to know! I bought this 70's style denim skirt on a whim, because it was £12 in the sale, but it's since been reduced to £5 because no one's buying it :( bad times. I do like it though. The stiff denim helps it to retain it's a-line shape when it's on. Sorry if my blog seems like a Topshop advert atm, I just tend to buy most of the shop when there's a sale haha.      

I thought I'd do some close ups of the bag so you can see how pretty it is! I love the little gold feet on the bottom, it makes it look vintage, though I doubt it is, since it's in such good condition. It's a really unusual colour too - dark navy purplish blue , if that makes sense! Not bad for £4 from a charity shop! I always seem to find great bags in charity shops, but I can never find anything else. It's incredibly frustrating to see so many bloggers and lookbookers flaunting their amazing charity shop/thrift finds! I suppose it depends quite a lot on the area you live in. There aren't so many fashionable types around where I live, so the charity shops are mostly full of old trainers and diamante encrusted belts haha.        

Gold eyeshadow in centre of lids: Greyscale duo - Topshop
gold eyeshadow in middle corners: Barley - Collection 2000
black eyeliner: fast stroke - Collection 2000
black mascara: waterproof - 17 

Now I know I said this was a fashion blog, but I thought I might as well show you my eye make up too. Please excuse my very attractive cross-eyed expression, it's hard taking pictures of your own eyes! I'm wearing two gold eyeshadows, one of which is from a Topshop duo that I got in the sale. It's a bit difficult to apply evenly and it does crease (but then most eyeshadows crease on me) but the colour so wearable and also striking at the same time. So that makes up for it's faults I suppose. I used a lighter gold shadow from collection 2000 just to highlight the tear ducts, and create a slight gradient effect.   


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  2. thanx for the sweet comment, you have a beautiful eyes love the makeup :)

    Love Emma

  3. Love this outfit, and your eyes look lovely (: x

  4. You look lovely!
    If I absolutely cannot be bothered to think about what to wear, I'll bung on my teal blue Converse with some matching graphic t-shirt and tie up my hair and walk out. It's just easy.

  5. Hey, thanks for leaving a comment over at my blog. Glad to see someone else rocking the long bangs! Dying over the room decor in these pictures, too. It goes beautifully with your look.

  6. i love this look! and your eyes look lovely! x

  7. This is so pretty! It looks very vintage and very awesome!

  8. Such a lovely outfit! Really like the colour of your shirt, looks great with the denim skirt.
    Just come across your blog and I absolutely adore your background! It's brilliant! x

  9. i like your makeup and your wallpaper!