Friday, 9 September 2011

Trend: Leather Shorts

Links to Lookbook: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

Leather is everywhere this Autumn, and is no acception. I've put together six of my favourite outfits, all from Lookbook girls who are clearly working this trend! I've seen lots of leather skirts, pants, jackets and dresses recently but I think leather shorts look the best, I really should buy some myself. And I don't think they're just one of those crazy trends that you'll regret after a week either. You can see from the array outfits above that they're versatile, and can be incorporated into a variety of different looks. On looking at the pictures though, I do notice one aspect of uniformity: leather shorts seem to lend themselves to monochrome or earthy toned looks. I think it prevents the outfit from becoming too hectic, since there's already on mix of textures going on. But, as always, that's only my opinion. You can do the leather trend in whatever way you like. Tell me how you would style leather shorts in the comments :)

P.s. This is my last post before I go on holiday to Paris with my sister (excited much!!!), so there won't be any posts for a few days. But rest assured, there will be a shed load of holiday pics for you to see when I get back.. if you're interested that is!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the images used to create the collage of photographs. I put in links to the relevant Lookbook pages. Please contact me if you do not wish your images to be used on my blog.    


  1. such a great post! that's me on number 6! thanks :)

    noe fanned on lookbook and follower on blog :)


  2. i love leather shorts! they look great with virtually everything!

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  4. Thanks for your comment! Nothing screams edgy like leather shorts! <3

  5. While these people have styled them very well and look good, I personally think it's easy to make them look a bit tacky, because of the shininess of them.
    I think looks 1 and 4 pulled them off best.

    Have fun in Paris and I look forward to reading your blog posts about it!

    Cass E. from LB

  6. yessssssssssss leather shorts are hot! i have a faux pair, and love them.

    xo zebra and meerkat

  7. I also wanted to buy one but then I didn't manage to offer them aha. :D I find it very interesting to see how different people combine similar pieces! I love the 4th one btw :)

  8. Yay! Time to dig out the fake leather shorts again! :D

    London Last Night

  9. Amazing outfits in first pictures. : )

  10. love this post! great blog too :)
    xx Alyssa