Saturday, 30 July 2011

Rings and Things

I just thought I'd do a quick post to show you some of my jewellery. It's not exactly a vast collection, but it's adequate for now - I'm still working on it! In my opinion, accessories can make or break an outfit. There's something about those little flashes of gold and silver that can make you look twice at someone. Even if you're just wearing a plain baggy tee, you can transform the look of the outfit by adding a few rings and a nice necklace or two. As for my taste in jewellery, I don't really have a particular style that I stick to. I tend to gravitate towards anything particularly striking or pretty (or at least I try to). I have however, recently become slightly obsessed with tribal/aztec jewellery - anything chunky and silver with big bold stones. So to satisify my cravings, I bought some silver drop triangle earrings on eBay. I'll hopefully feature them in an outfit post soon!

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Chiffon top: Primark
trousers: New Look
belt: Primark
bag: charity shop
black stone ring: eBay
hearts ring: eBay
amber stone ring: Topshop
court shoes: Tesco clothing (Tehe)
nails: Lemon Barry M 

Today I wore this trousers/chiffon top combination. The little cream bag was £4 from a charity shop! Bargin! I finshed the look off with a light pink belt. On looking at the photos I realised that there are a lot pastels in the outfit, so why not make this a trends post? I'm not entirely sure if pastels are an official 'trend' for summer 2011 but I've seen lot of them in the shops. I'm also liking pastel nail varnish at the moment. I was determined to wear this yellow colour from Barry M even though it doesn't look its best against my pasty skin tone haha. The only other problem I find with this nail varnish (and other pastel varnishes I've tried) is that it takes about three coats to get the colour really bold. Lastly, just a quick word about my rings. The two-finger heart ring and the black stone ring were both from eBay and both very cheap. But be warned, two of the hearts have already snapped off and the stone fell out of the other ring! That's what you get for buying cheap and cheerful jewellery off eBay haha.        

First Post On Secret Stylist

Hello and welcome to my new blog Secret Stylist! And what better way to introduce myself than to post a giant mug-shot of myself for your entertainment! The best way I can describe what the blog will be is to call it a fashion diary. I'll make regular outfit posts and possibly write a bit about the latest 'trends', although I don't follow them religiously - there are no rules to fashion! You might get a few little extras as well (random snaps of anything that interests me). I suppose my main aim is to represent my style, maybe provide a little inspiration to any fashion-lovers out there. And of course, get feedback from my future followers. Hope you enjoy my blog!